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Why would you not want to incorporate a monitor into your exhibit? With our Flexi, it's so easy.

In this age of technology, you are setting yourself behind your competition if you neglect to incorporate a TV screen. Trade shows, career fairs, and other related events require you to differentiate from the other companies that are looking to convince the same market to side with them. Most businesses are reluctant to use trade show displays with monitors because for them, carrying around a TV is considered to be a hassle. With one of our Flexi Displays, you are able to have yours embedded into the paneled system. This makes it easy to transport, keeps harmony in your booth, and incorporates a much greater element of engagement for your audience. An LCD screen will help you tell your story better and help you gain more credibility.

Having a trade show display with a TV provides a lot of benefits for the owner. First, with our system, there is no need for a separate carrying case, as the monitors fold up easily with the panels. Second, there are no extra steps necessary for installation during setup or detachment during breakdown. Third, there is no additional burden in transporting and storing your equipment. It really is too good to be true!


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