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Here are just a few examples of what our customers have to say about our displays, signage, graphic design, creativity, and the kind of service you can expect when you make FLEXI part of your team!

Surely this company I will recommend to anyone looking for a display, and I thank you again for all of your extra effort in helping us create our display. I will contact you when another marketing project arises.

Jason Blakeley
CRT Medical Systems

I received the tracking numbers. They were already at our warehouse here in town, so I went and picked them up. They look great! Thanks for all your hard work! Tell your team they're AWESOME!

Jenny Cain
MJS & Associates

Our FLEXi display was was easily the nicest looking display in the show. Your idea for the cow stress toys as a tie-in give-away was a very big hit. We will be using you more. I will be referring others to you.

Mary Orms

When it came time for our ministry to look into acquiring a tabletop display to take with us to conferences, we checked into many different companies and examined many different displays.

We chose to go with FLEXi Display for many reasons, such as the personal touch we received from them during the initial discussions, which helped us to have in mind what kind of display we wanted.

All through the process if I had a question or comment or wanted to present an idea, the team at FLEXi Display listened to us and always responded to our questions with appropriate and very helpful input.

We ended up with a display that is much better than what we had hoped for. It is elegant and professional, classic and stylish. At our last conference in Washington D.C. we received many comments about the display and several asked where we got it from, and we were happy to point them to FLEXi Display.

We wholeheartedly recommend FLEXi Display for anyone desiring a professional and eye catching display, that will for sure draw people to examine it. We couldn't be more pleased with the display and we were very happy with the team at FLEXi Display.

Mike Cleveland
Setting Captives Free

As a start-up business on a small budget, we had approached Marvin and asked, what can you do for us and how quickly can you do it? Marvin impressed us with his creativity and knowledge of marketing. His portable, tabletop display now makes our setup quick and easy with a minimum of parts and pieces. He has now updated it for the third time.

We are so pleased with the message of our display sends. We attend several trade shows and events throughout the year and invariably receive compliments on our FLEXI Display.

Jan & Marshall Rice, LLC

I was not in the office to see them myself, but my biggest critics say the banner looked professional and artfully done. They also commented that the photos turned out "better than expected" from what we gave you to work with - one of these critics was the one who took a few of the photos.

Theresa Falter
Koch Knight

The conference in Atlanta was wonderful. As a first for Courtland Consulting in the vendor arena, I must say, I was quite proud of our display and how well it represented our company. We were the only vendor with a 3-D display with a lighted background. The other vendors had flat displays with lights shining on their display materials. We received numerous compliments from patrons as well as our competitors.

Again, I was very very proud of our display and to "show it off" to our customers and competitors. Thank you and your team for an excellent job. Feel free to use this email or any excerpts as a form of recommendation to your future customers.

Carl Blanchette
Courtland Consulting

Again, thanks for your help. You were consultative and helpful and the process was efficient which I appreciate. I'll come back to you in the future if I need anything else. Also pass the word along that the "I have a question about this product" button on your website was very handy. I haven't seen that used before. Great idea!

Heidi M. Erdmann
Altova, Inc

Thanks Denis! We will fax a copy of the check tomorrow. We really appreciate your ability to meet our deadline.

Gayle Camburn
VW Credit, Inc

Thanks Denis! You have the best customer service I have experienced!

Mary Rowland
Snowbasin Resort

You guys did a damn good job! The value of customer service from Flexi Display is great. I won't be going to a store for my displays and bags. I know you'll do what I need, in a timely manner. Thanks again for your great work!

Kevin King
Cline & King Attorneys

We received the Geluscious tablecloth and it looked great! Thank you for your assistance in making it possible under the short notice.

Jessica Baldeon

We didn't know what we wanted to draw extra attention at our biggest trade show. Your signs wrapped around a cylinder on a rotating motor worked out just great. Everybody loved them. Your creative team is the best!

Joe Theisen
Qualis Automotive

Yes I did receive it and it is BEAUTIFUL! It went great and made the booth stand out. I appreciate your team's patience and hard work putting this together and working with us.

Sonia Millhouse
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Thanks for the help and the follow up. My customer was quite pleased and I thought the matte looked great.

Joel Berlin
Flexi Printing Plate Company

Good show, I think this story says it all on the booth... one of our competitors walked by early the first morning of the show, stopped and asked me if the booth was new... when I said yes, he said "impressive".

Robert J. Reynolds
inxsql Software

Beautiful! The graphic was awesome and the whole 'go green' campaign was very well received.

Julie Carter
Satellite Pro Link


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