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Get an island display from us and you will have the selling power of much larger and more expensive exhibit with much less assembly effort needed.

The modular panels that make up our system give you an almost unlimited variety of looks that you can create for each of your different corporate events. You can change the size and shape of our system to meet the needs of each of your events and do it at less cost.

Incorporate the unique special effects we offer and your island display will get more attention, stop traffic, and provide you with more people to talk to.

Our technology is lightweight, portable, and can be put together in as little as 1 to 3 hours, depending on the features you decide to include. Other Island displays easily take a day or two to assemble.

Organizations buy our island displays for a variety of uses, as its fabric covering gives it an aesthetic appeal that is fit for most any exhibit or executive office environments.

These exhibits can fit into an area of 20 dblquote x 20 or bigger. Consider how you could use portions of this Island display as separate displays in themselves.

Contact us to learn more about how you can use one of them to create a completely original experience for your audience.

It is always smart to take as much of an advantage as you can of the entire amount of space you are allotted at your marketing events. Too many times, companies miss out on opportunities to properly utilize island displays that will maximize the effect of your presentation. Utilize free-standing pedestals, tables, and exhibits to showcase different parts of your company for a diverse set of market segments. Set yourself up to corral interested people passing by, while simultaneously conducting business meetings and building new partnerships. Island displays really provide the flexible opportunity to make the most of the room you are given.

Our technology is perfect for creating a versatile exhibit at your trade show. Yet, its true value is realized over the course of a company quote s history of marketing expos. The Flexi system combines panels using rods and stretch cords, which provide more flexibility for changing the face of your presentation. It has never been easier to use the same materials for developing new business relationships, finding new clients, and recruiting new talent.

Use all of the space you are given by successfully implementing an island display that is graphically attractive and ergonomically sound to produce the best results. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to work with you on this front as soon as you call us!

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