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Our table top display has the selling power of a much larger booth for less cost. A Flexi offers more pizzazz & eye appeal with extreme customization available.

Incorporate the unique special effects that we offer and your company will stop more traffic and grab more attention from people who will want to talk to you.

Our table top display is lightweight, portable and it assembles in less than 5 minutes and inexpensively ships with Fedex or UPS.

The table top system has a fabric covering that looks so good and works so well. Organizations buy it for presentations in their conference rooms, and other corporate efforts.

Our creative input will take your table top display to a whole new level. Give us a call and get to know more about how we can help.

Our system is made using panels that are designed to grow with your company over the course of many marketing events. They are specially manufactured to exhibit durability through setup, breakdown, and transportation, and are reconfigurable in a way that lets you change the presentation of your table top display each time you need it. This technology has given us the reputation of providing firms with the only exhibit they will ever need to buy.

The mechanism used to keep the table top display together applies a unique combination of rather common raw materials. Simple rods are used to stack each panel on top of the other, while stretch cords connect them horizontally, providing them the ability to spin up to 360 degrees. This means that our table top displays have the flexibility that allows you to set it up in a way that fits perfectly with the rest of your presentation. This really allows you to utilize your table space as effectively as possible.

On top of that, our tri-fold display needs only one person to be assembled and broken down in merely minutes. No tools are needed and it can be packed away without any hassle. We have carrying cases that are specially designed to consolidate the parts of our table top displays into a very manageable size for transportation and storage.

Furthermore, the opportunities for customization are nearly endless. Our team of design-oriented marketers has decades of experience with building effective table-top displays for corporate events and trade shows. We will work with you to integrate each of the graphic features you desire with the message you aim to get across. Contact us now to learn more about how we can work with you!

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