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A Flexi is made up of lightweight (yet virtually indestructible) panels that are manufactured with over 70% post-consumer recycled product. The panels are finished in a commercial grade, easy-to-clean, damage resistant fabric. The fabric is available in a variety of colors and is hook and loop friendly to allow easy sign changes. No tools are needed to assemble a Flexi as the panels are secured together with a rod and stretch cord system.

Flexi Displays are manufactured at our headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This means we control the quality and costs. Even better, you can get a custom built display for an off-the-shelf price.

Unique Signage

A Flexi display allows for more unique signage applications than any other brand. Our prints, translucent signage, 3-D effects, fiber optics, revolving graphics. and 3-D models give you limitless options in presenting your image. Because Flexi is a full-service provider and does all design work in-house, we have total control over production times and quality.

The Flexi creative team will brainstorm concepts and work with you to produce your most effective solution, We will fit any style of sign you need into our portable, lightweight and modular panel display systems.

Graphic Design

Flexi is a full-service provider with great idea generators. If you need help, our creative team will brainstorm concepts and offer creative solutions for your project to ensure it not only looks good, but is also effective.

Our in-house art department is experienced in creating strong graphics and combining them with powerful messages. Whether you have a look in mind or just an inkling of an idea, our creative team can make your vision a reality. Our in-house capabilities also translate into total control over production times and quality.

Smart Marketing

We are not just a display product selling company. We are a marketing and design company that both manufactures the very best displays; and we understand overall marketing and how to make it work for you. We know how to work with you and create an exhibit booth that will draw the attention of your preferred prospects and clients.

We were smart enough to know the message and how it is delivered is the most important part of trade show display participation. We invented the Flexi display to have the ability to not just be a back wall with signs, but to give our clients a real powerful selling opportunity. No other display gives you the broad selection of using any or all of these visual effects.

When you purchase your trade show display from us, you'll get our commitment to helping you have one of the most effective displays in a show, no matter how much more others have paid for their display.


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