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Just think, having the value of a Prize Wheel without the hassle of assembly & shipping. Now you no longer have to lug your Prize wheel around; it ships right within your display.

Aside from the visuals of your presentation, it is difficult to get your target market to notice you, let alone walk in your direction. Thus, it is always helpful to have a motivating factor that will definitely encourage them to visit your booth. Prize wheels are great icebreakers that incentivize people to visit you. Prize wheels can offer winning rewards or just be designed to ask questions that make users smile. Either way you go we can provide the little gifts or create the idea for a smile. Your traffic will definitely go up and make your new audience more relaxed.

The Flexi Display is unique in that it is created with technology that can accommodate a prize wheel better than any other system. This means there is no extra hassle in setting up, breaking down, shipping, or storing your trade show equipment. Thus, this can very crucial when considering how you spend your time.

Alongside our experience in building prize wheels, we have worked with many different clients in determining the best ways to integrate games in their corporate presentation. We'll make sure your prize wheel helps you create a more casual experience for your attendees.


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