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Uniquely, our display is so good looking, organizations buy it for their lobby display and for conference rooms. Its fabric covering fits into most executive office environments and creates an exciting centerpiece for their welcoming messages, presentations and corporate oriented messages.

Our team of professionals has a long history of creating a strong graphic experience that conveys a compelling message in a wide variety of environments.

The unique special effects we can create and our ability to totally customize your display will make a big impact in your lobby.

Consequently, our technology is so convenient and easy to reconfigure that you can incorporate this product in the exhibits you create for any of your other marketing events.

You can divide the panels our Lobby display into many smaller displays.

We will work with you to create a lobby display that will take your corporate presentation to the next level - contact us today!

There are many firms whose corporate offices are not suited for the strongest first impression. Make sure you are not hurt by this negligence and have a powerful lobby display that causes people to feel welcome. Integrate graphically unique signage that will stand out and send the eyes of visitors in the appropriate direction. Successfully convey important corporate information in your lobby by utilizing one of our versatile displays that will change with you over time.

Our technologically-sound panel system allows you to build up and break down the exhibit very easily, with the opportunity to expand the lobby display as your company's presentation becomes more complex. We have decades of experience working with clients over a long history of marketing events, giving us the expertise in helping you accommodate to changing audiences. Our work is geared toward putting you in the best position to successfully paint a strong picture of your firm.

Easily integrate multidimensional graphics and backlit signage to liven up your lobby. Display your logo and convey your messages effectively. Contact us with any questions about our products and services. We look forward to working with you!

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