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Using our technology for your kiosk display will get you all of the selling power offered by much larger exhibits, with less hassle at a lower price.

With our graphic expertise, we will help your company attract the right attention to your booth, so you can interact more with those that are interested in what you are offering.

As a great addition to the rest of your presentation, a single person can set up one of our kiosk displays in as little as ten minutes.

Yet, the technology that we use in manufacturing our product allows it to be transported and shipped at a low cost, as it is both lightweight and portable.

Our Kiosk display has a fabric covering that fits into most executive office environments and creates an exciting centerpiece for presentations and welcoming messages.

You can divide the panels in our Kiosk display into several other smaller displays.

Contact us to learn more about our business and what we can do to create a kiosk display that will bring you more success.

Once you have our product it will continue to change forms over the course of its lifetime. There is such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that your kiosk display can have, especially as you continue to add to your inventory of panels. Browsing through the examples on our website will give you a much better sense of how flexible our product actually is.

While other kiosks are stuck looking one way or another and only offer the meager opportunity of static graphics, the exhibits we build often feature three dimensional, revolving signs on top of multi-layered backlit graphics. Enjoying this sort of combination or even our full package is also relatively inexpensive when compared to market prices. The purchase of one of our FlexiDisplays is only a small upfront cost, when considering the probable length of its life. The panels of our kiosk displays are of such a superior quality that the they are able to last through many years of usage.

Furthermore, our rod and stretch cord system is so simple that a single person can assemble one without any tools. In just several minutes, you can set up an entire kiosk display system that will undoubtedly stand out wherever it is needed. Similarly, it will only take minutes to take down, after it successfully helps your team achieve the goals of their presentation. Transportation and storage are also made easy by the presence of our fitted carrying cases.

Finally, as if it is too good to be true, our product is also in accordance with the widespread efforts of environmental sustainability. On top of eliminating the inefficiency of needing to purchase multiple exhibits, our materials are already partially manufactured with post-consumer product. Recycled expanded styrene composes the inner core. The Velcro material is one carbon element. The manufacturing process employs environmentally supportive practices, such as using LEDs for lighting. Even the adhesives that are used are considered to be both eco- and people-friendly.

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