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Our patented system makes for a perfect recruiting and job fair display. Our special effects will get the attention of job seekers and let them know you are innovative, creative and leading edge. A Flexi offers more pizzazz & eye appeal with extreme customization available.

Our display is capable of more customization than any other system.

While other displays are stuck looking one way, our system can create job fair booths that have any combination of the unique effects presented on our website. Our panels are of such superior quality that they will last you for many years.

Whether you buy a smaller or larger display you will be able to change the shape or size of it; and add to your panel inventory to make it bigger as necessary.

Our recruiting displays are light weight and go from the carrying case to the display area in minutes. A smaller display needs no assembly at all & goes up in less than 5 minutes.

Utilize our patented technology to get the most out of your job fair display by completely customizing your booth to create the best presentation of your company.

Our rod and stretch cord system is so simple that one person can assemble it without any tools. In just minutes, you can set up the entire display, which will stand out at all of your career-related events. Once it has successfully helped you accomplish the goals of your presentation, it is just as easy to takedown and virtually hassle-free to transport to the next location at which it will be used.

Once our product is in your possession, it is very affordable to add to your panel inventory, increasing the potential shapes and sizes of your recruiting exhibit. Though browsing through the pictures on our website will give you the truest sense of our product’s flexibility, here are some examples of its multiple configurations:

Single - Create an inline display with 2-sided usability to offer more information.
Multiple – Break apart a larger display into smaller units that cover more ground.
Pedestal – Incorporate attached or standalone components to showcase items.
Expansion – Add more panels to an existing display to accommodate to future needs.

As if it is too good to be true, our manufacturing processes and materials are all in accordance with widespread efforts of environmental sustainability. We use eco- and people-friendly adhesives and a one carbon Velcro material. Our materials partially contain post-consumer product. The inner core itself contains recyclable expanded styrene. LED lights are used in our factory for lighting our operations and we undertake best practices to make sure energy is not wasted.

Contact us and we can collaborate with you on building the best job fair display that is available on the market!

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