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About Our Company

Q: How long have you been creating trade show displays and motivation products? A: As a company, we've been producing these products for over 30 years. Q: Why buy from A: Whether you’re looking for great selection, unrivaled customer support, competitive prices or creative input, you’ve found it in us. We go the extra mile to satisfy all of your needs, before, during and after you receive your products. Q: What are your customer service hours? A: Our main office is open 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time to receive phone calls. Some of our representatives make themselves available to clients during extended hours as well. Email is answered 24 hours/day, usually getting a response within a few hours. Q: Can I place my order any time? A: You sure can. The online ordering system is available 24 hours/day. You can also email us ( with your orders 24 hours/day. You may also call any time during customer service hours. After hours, leave a message and we’ll get back to you quickly. Messages are often checked after hours. Q: Will I have access to the same account rep when I call? A: Absolutely! As we’re a company with a hands-on approach, you can request to talk to the representative of your choice. Anyone at the company can help you with an order, give answers and make the process as simple and trouble free as possible. Q: What is the average response time to my questions? A: Phone calls get instant person-to-person response during customer service hours. No long waits, no queues, no automated response system. We put the person in personalized service! Emails are responded to within 2-3 hours typically, 24 hours/day. Orders placed in our cart are responded to by either phone or email within 8 hours, with many of them responded to in much less time. Q: Who are your clients? A: Our clients are many and you’ve heard of most. Think Industry companies. Think Retail companies. Think Service Industries. Think non-profits. Think government agencies. Think Hospitals. Think schools. Think small business. Think of retail stores. We make awareness marketing easy for everyone, regardless of industry or budget. Q: What makes a great choice for trade show booths? A: Being a marketing and design company that deals in many the display industry, we realized the value in providing products that inform, educate and excite. Our customers feel assured that any product they choose will be made exactly as they wanted and will work to make awareness for their cause, project, presentation or give-away.

About Flexi Displays

Q: Who buys a FLEXi Display System? A: Organizations that are intent on looking like leaders in their field purchase FLEXi displays. As our client, you get a custom-built look within a budget you can afford. Q: What do display users want most out of a display? A: Our market research suggests that display users desire the following characteristics: easy to carry, setup and maintain, high impact in graphics and in multimedia applications, flexibility in both design and in versatility, and a support team that stands behind it’s products. Q: Why would you choose to buy a FLEXi Display system? A: 1. FLEXi is portable - FLEXi is light weight, modular and easy to assemble. Basic panels are 2’ x 2’ and weigh only 4 ½ lbs each. Light boxes weigh just 9 lbs each. Clients tell us, “FLEXi is a very easy system to transport.” Since FLEXi is so light weight, you’ll use your FLEXi in more locations. That means more value for your money.

2. FLEXi is easy to assemble - Simple stretch cords hold FLEXi panels together horizontally while allowing them to hinge 360 degrees. Panels are easily assembled vertically with simple rods. A 10’ x 8’ display may take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to assemble, depending on specifics. A table top is up within five minutes. Any person, no matter of age or strength or agility, can easily construct a display quickly and without tools.

3. FLEXi is versatile - FLEXi’s unmatched versatility gives you the opportunity to quickly create many different shapes. Panels can be assembled to become walls of unusual shapes, towers, pedestals and table tops. You can even use just two or three panels for making professional presentations. Unlike other displays, with FLEXi you really do get more than one display.

4. FLEXi is modular - Just three types of panels in two sizes (2’ x 2’ and 4’ x 2’) are used to create anything your imagination can dream up. There are solid panels, window panels and light boxes. You can choose to purchase these panels in either of two thickness. For floor displays, you would use 3” thick panels. For table tops, you could go with 3” panels or FLEXi LIGHTS which are only 1 ½ inches thick. In either case, our panels have a look of strength and quality construction, while actually weighing very little.

5. FLEXi is colorful and reversible - FLEXi panels are finished on both sides, creating twice as much display space when needed. Both sides can be different colors - allowing you to create color patterns on each side… such as stripes, columns, checker boards and stair steps. There are 20 delicious colors to choose.

6. FLEXi has a customized look - FLEXi panels have the look and feel of sophistication. They are custom-built to reflect a much higher caliber image than other displays. Clients tell us that while other trade-show displays tend to look alike, their FLEXi stands out, gets noticed and pulls in many compliments.

7. FLEXi is usable in more environments - You will want to use FLEXi from your lobby, conference room, training and showroom to manufacturing areas (as a wall of recognition) and at trade shows. Many clients use two or three panels up to six panels for presentations. While other displays are relegated to closets, FLEXi is constructed with the prestigious look required for an executive lobby.

8. FLEXi is quality - FLEXi panels have the look and feel of quality. Components are uncomplicated and built to last. There are no hinges or metal structures to bend or break. Clients tell us that because of this, their FLEXi doesn’t have the mechanical problems of pop-ups and hinged displays. Panel coverings are rich and luxurious, durable and easy to clean.
Q: Can FLEXi help me attract and keep attention while getting a strong point across? A: No other display offers so much versatility and opportunity to be creative and impactful. FLEXi gives you choices… including supergraphic giant murals, video windows, back-lit light boxes, 3-D effects, various style shelving and 20 colors of hook-and-loop friendly fabric. FLEXi options give you all the effects of other displays and more: you can have a completely different look for each market you address. The FLEXi difference will make a big difference in your presentation and results. Q: Are there any tools required to construct a Flexi Display? A: Other than your hands, not at all. All signage is attached through hook-and-loop material and all displays are put together by hand using our simple pull-together construction. Q: How many people does it take to put together a Flexi Display? A: Just one. Any one person can easily construct a Flexi Display of any size. Q: How many ways can a Flexi Display be re-configured? A: This is all up to your creativity and imagination. Q: Can I expand my Flexi Display into a larger or more complex trade show display? A: Absolutely. If you need to grow larger than the display you originally purchased, simply call us up and order more panels. We can ship individual panels as you need them, where you need them in the colors and size you need them. Q: Can my Flexi Tradeshow Display be broke up into several smaller displays? A: Yes! One of the things that’s great about our system is that a large tabletop can be broken into smaller tabletops, our 10’ can be broken into large tabletops or several smaller tabletops, etc.etc. You buy as many panels as you need for the largest display you’ll use and then split them up as needed if you’re doing multiple shows or need a smaller display for a particular show. Q: What are the base components of all Flexi Displays? A: We use a tension based system to hold our panels together. This makes the system easy to use, easy to configure and re-configure and simple to build. Q: What if I lose or damage any of my components? A: You can purchase more rods, buttons and pull strings at any time from us. Q: What colors of fabric are Flexi Displays available in? A: We carry 12 standard fabric colors. We also can use most any color fabric that you need if you’d like us to custom build something for you in another color. For our stock colors, please click here: Q: What’s a Flexi Thin Panel and how is it used? A: A FLEXi Thin is a panel that is half as thick (1.5” thick) as our standard panel. For more information on Flexi Thins, check out this downloadable PDF: Q: How many Flexi Displays have been sold? A: Thousands over the years. Many of these are still used today. Our customers come back to us time and time again to update their displays as their needs change. Q: How much do Flexi Panels weigh and what sizes do they come in? A: For completing sizing and weight information, check out our size and weight chart: Q: What accessories are available for Flexi Displays? A: We carry a large selection of shelving, graphics, optical effects, multimedia options and other accessories for our display. For some examples of these, please click here: Q: What kind of shelving is available for Flexi Displays? A: We can create most any kind of shelving that will fit your needs. Here are some examples of shelving that we make regularly for our displays:

About using monitors and multimedia in displays

Q: Can I use a monitor in one of your Flexi Display systems? A: Absolutely! We integrate monitors in common sizes (such as 19”) into our 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 3’ or 2’ x 4’ panels. These can be put into the panels a number of ways, with the flush mount method preferred by most customers. Q: How is the monitor secured into the panel? A: We use a custom backstrap that holds your monitor into place. This backstrap is built specific to your monitor’s needs, accommodating for it’s weight, size and placement within the panel. Q: What inputs can my monitor have? A: At the time of ordering, a representative will ask you what you’ll be using your monitor for. If you plan on using this with a complete, we provide you either a VGA or DVI connection for your monitor. This monitor is high resolution and can be used with any computer (laptop or desktop) with a monitor plug. We also offer monitors with RCA, S-Video and other inputs to be used with DVD players and other multimedia devices. Q: Does my monitor have speakers? A: Your monitor can have an option for speakers. If you need speakers, please specify this option when ordering. Q: Can I use multiple monitors with my display? A: Yes. We can configure 2 or more monitors either into or around your display. Using special cabling, available at a fee, we can split them between one source or many sources. Q: What size monitors can I use? A: Our standard is a 19” Monitor. These are available in standard or widescreen styles. We offer up to a 23” monitor in our 3’ and 4’ panels. Q: Why is the stand removed from monitors that are flush mounted? A: The stand is removed to fit the monitor snugly into the panel. You will receive the stand and all hardware to connect the stand in the monitor box when receiving your display. This way, if you ever want to take the monitor out of your display, you can put it back onto the stand and use it as a regular monitor. Q: Do I have to mount a monitor into a panel to use one in my Flexi? A: No. We can use monitors on pedestals, on top of towers or in front of your displays as well Q: Do you carry free-standing monitor stands? A: Yes! If you want to use larger monitors, we also offer freestanding stands with a VESA 75/100 pattern to hold your monitor in front of or next to your tradeshow display. Q: What’s VESA 75/100? A: VESA is an industry standard that specifies how monitors attach to stands. The 75 and 100 refer to the millimeters between holes where the stand bolts to the monitor. Q: How do I know which monitor is right for me? A: Call one of our customer representatives. We’ll be glad to help you pick the right size, connector and style to fit your needs. Q: Do you sell DVD Players and computers for my monitor as well? A: We can. Consult your CSR for more information and pricing on these options. Q: What warranty is on my monitor and other technology? A: Your monitor carries the full manufacturer’s warranty. This ranges from 90 days to several years, depending on the monitor. Q: Can I use DLP Projectors or LCD Projects in my display? A: Yes! We offer a large selection of projectors and screens to fit your display. For screens, we offer a special connection mechanism that works with any of our Flexi Trade Show Display Walls.

General Art & Design

Q: Can I obtain design help? A: We offer a full design service from a competent and helpful internal design team. We will either support your agency’s production or we can run with the ball for you. All of our designs will be pre-approved by you and will be at or above your expectations for quality and professionalism. Q: Are there setup fees? A: There are no setup fees with our display. The price you pay is the price of the panels and any shipping costs. We do not charge art setup fees or design setup fees. The price you pay is for the materials and production costs and there are no hidden charges. When you receive a quote from a representative, that quote reflects the total charge for all components needed to make your display to your specifications. Q: Are there artwork charges? A: If we have to design art, there will be a creative design charge. This charge is competitive with the rest of the market and you’ll be very satisfied with our creativity and skill. Q: What is Camera Ready Art? A: Camera Ready Art is artwork that meets our technical specifications for font size, image format and quality. We will gladly inspect your art, free of charge, to determine if it is camera ready. Q: What’s an imprint area? Why are there sometimes more than one? A: An imprint area is the place on the product for your personalization. There are sometimes multiple areas. Some are sized for images or text, others are for text only. These areas are specific to each product and may be limited by physical space or your design. Contact us for details. Q: Can I order a display or other tradeshow item with no graphics? A: We can do that too! While we believe that providing a completed display with graphics and multimedia options is the best scenario for most display buyers, we also realize that you may have a graphic design department or printing department available to you and would like to use their services on your display. We will gladly provide you the FLEXi panels or other displays in a “blank” or empty state that is ready for your graphics. Q: How are graphics attached to the Flexi Display System? A: All graphics are produced with a hook-and-loop (Velcro®) friendly material that easily attached to our display panels. This makes changing graphics a simple and quick process. Because of this, you can update your graphics every year… or every show… with just a few minutes of setup time. Q: How long do you keep my art on file? A: Typically, 1 year. Sometimes, we keep art on file for more time than that. If you find you’ll be ordering from us regularly (such as annually, or more often), let us know to put your art on permanent file. Q: Can I get a blank product and have it imprinted elsewhere? A: This depends on the product. Some may be imprinted by other vendors. While we specialize in the personalization of your product, there may be a time in which logistics require you to receive a blank product and imprinted later. Q: How do I submit my artwork to FlexiDisplay? A: You may e-mail all artwork to If your artwork is large or you would rather not email it, contact us (800-875-1725 or to set up FTP access or other means of artwork transfer. Q: I don’t have artwork for my custom order. What do I do? A: Our team of talented artists and designers will be happy to create a fantastic design for you. We offer consulting to develop a product and message that will satisfy your needs. We’re capable of producing imagery, using a number of fonts and adding effects that make your display stand out. Q: Can you provide a sketch or layout of artwork that will be put onto my display? A: Yes. We provide a layout to your product via email or fax to ensure quality and integrity of your chosen design. Once this proof reaches you, we ask that you sign the verification and fax back with any changes that may be necessary. Q: Once I purchase a product, do I receive a paper proof of the artwork to be used on my display? A: We are happy to supply one paper proof via fax at no additional charge. We will provide a proof of the desired imprint on a template of the item ordered so you can approve the size, positioning and spelling. Written approval must be returned via fax within 24 hours so your order will not be delayed. Q: Can I get a digital copy of any artwork that is produced for my project? A: Yes. We will gladly provide a digital copy of anything we produce for you in a standard Photoshop or Illustrator format. Q: What format can my art files be in? A: See our Art Specification Page for details.


Q: How is my display packaged for shipment? A: In most cases, we suggest a hard shipping case for shipping. This allows your display to be shipped by any common carrier or in a van or SUV in the future. These cases are available with or without wheels. Should you not elect to have a hard case for your display, we can ship the display to you in a cardboard box. Q: Do you ship internationally? A: We can and do ship internationally. Prices for international shipments are substantial, but we can ship for you if you need us to ship internationally. We are based out of Troy, Michigan, USA -- but can be seen worldwide! Q: What is included in your "Shipping Charge"? A: Along with the actual price of shipping, a small fee is added onto your order for in-house handling. This includes the labor and materials needed to ship your order safely and in a timely manner. This includes packaging materials and handling of objects that may need special care before shipping. Q: How is my order shipped? A: Most orders are packaged in damage resistant boxes and shipped with our primary carrier, DHL. If you have special shipping needs, we can meet those with our carrier, or your carrier, as the need arises. In the case of very large orders, we can ship by truck. Q: Are you affected by weather or holiday related delays? A: Unfortunately, anyone who ships by common carrier is. We’ll do our best to accommodate you in these situations, but we can not control the weather or holiday traffic. Q: How I report a lost or damaged shipment? A: We provide tracking numbers on all shipments and regularly track these for customers, ensuring that your shipment arrives safely and in a timely manner. If something should arrive damaged or not arrive at all, please inform us right away. If something arrives damaged and the box was obviously damaged in shipping, it's important that you bring it to the shipper's attention immediately and photograph it to prove the problem to the shipper. Q: How do I get tracking numbers on shipments? A: Tracking numbers are mailed by your representative the morning after an item ships. We are working on a system to generate these numbers as the item ships, but for now we offer the tracking the morning after shipment. If you have a problem with a tracking number, please let us know immediately. Q: What if I need to return a product? A: We do accept returns on incorrectly manufactured products, as well as blank pieces. Contact us for an RMA number. Q: How does the RMA process work? A: If an item is to be returned, contact us immediately to discuss your RMA. If the error is due to a defect from a proof you approved, we will work with you to correct the problem. If you approved artwork and the product arrives as approved but not what you wanted, it is the customer's responsibility to proof for spelling, grammar and layout. In cases where and order is rushed for a client and a proof is not available, the client understands that any incorrect information on or about the product is the responsibility of the client. If we find your claim to be valid, an RMA number will be issued and you may return the item to us for a refund. Refund is subject to restocking fee in some cases. Call us for details. Q: Do you offer expedited shipping? A: Yes. We offer overnight 10:30 AM, Next Day Anytime, 2nd day and Ground Service. Items are shipped when expedited one day after production ends. Q: Can I ship to a P.O. Box, APO or similar address? A: At this time, we can not ship to P.O. Boxes. DHL will deliver to residences, businesses and government facilities only. Pending clearance from DHL, we may be able to ship to APO or other addresses. This will be confirmed at the time of ordering. Q: I’m in Canada, do international charges, duties and customs apply? A: Yes. When shipping to Canada, we have to make a customs declaration for the value of the product. Any expenses related to this procedure are the responsibility of the customer and will be discussed with you upon ordering. Q: Is my purchase on back order? A: On the rare occasion that your items are out of stock or production times run longer than expected, we will be sure to inform you right away via both phone and email, along with an estimated date that we expect to ship your order. If possible, we’ll offer suggestions on similar products to fit your needs. Q: Can I pick up my display from your showroom? A: Absolutely! To avoid shipping charges, you may pick up your display from our showroom in Troy, Michigan. Please call us to arrange a pickup time that suits your needs.


Q: How long does it take to get my product? A: Some pre-made products, such as literature stands or non-imprinted products, can be shipped in 1-2 days. Custom printed products ship in 1-2 weeks. Displays typically take 3-4 weeks. If you have a need for these items sooner, please contact us as we can almost always accommodate. Rush charges may apply. Q: Where are your products produced? A: Our flagship FLEXi Display System is produced and sold from our manufacturing facility in Troy, Michigan. When it comes to some of our other products, we have production facilities throughout the United States and WorldWide. If you need your product to be made solely in America, talk to us about it. We’ll find a way to get it done. Q: What materials are your products made of? A: Our products are made of a variety of materials and we use only the highest quality base materials to create them.


Q: I’m having trouble ordering online. What do I do? A: Occasionally, technology gets the best of us. If at any point in your browsing, ordering, payment or evaluating, feel free to call us (800-875-1725) or email us ( We’ll be glad to help. Q: Do I have to use the Shopping Cart? A: The shopping cart is here for your use if you’d like. We actually recommend that you call us, as products often have many options and we’re specialists in helping you pick the perfect solution to fit your needs. Displays are highly configurable and the website doesn’t allow for easy expression of this on custom orders. Thus, please call or emails us for assistance. Q: How often is the website updated? A: Our product lines are updated several times per year, with some updating more often. That said, we often create new products on a per day or per week basis and add these as they come in. Our Flexi Display gallery is updated often, usually at least once a week. As we create new displays that we think will fit the needs of our audience, we put them up on our website. Other than inventory, we also update the information sections of our site regularly. Q: My order shows no shipping costs or obviously incorrect shipping costs. What should I do? A: Shipping calculators are occasionally wrong. This becomes especially apparent when ordering large quantities of the same item, as the base calculator’s algorithm doesn’t always process correctly. Before shipping any order, we verify the shipping costs and notify you of any changes. We also call and offer better shipping options if we feel we can save you some money on shipping through a different carrier or different method. If you feel something is in error, please contact us immediately. Q: Where do I put my notes about my design needs or special instructions on my web order? A: When placing the order, there’s a space in the final checkout page to put notes about your project. Please feel free to use this area for note about your inscription, logo use or other branding information. All orders are reviewed with you over the phone (with or without this included information) to verify their integrity. Since the display business is highly personal and we prefer to work hands-on with each customer, your order on the web is just the first step in the process to get your finished display. Thus, please feel free to call us at any time. Q: How does your search function work? A: We use an open text search. It is not case sensitive and returns results from both our catalog and our articles. You can combine words for greater accuracy if you desire. If your search doesn’t yield the results you need, please call us. We can produce most anything related to the tradeshow or promotional product markets. Q: How does the “I have a question about this Product” button work? A: This button is available on every product, giving you a one-touch way of contacting us with questions on specific products. This works with any MAPI-complaint mail program (such as Outlook or Outlook Express). Simple press the button, ask your question and press send. We’ll respond to you shortly. If you don’t receive a response within 24 hours or your need is urgent, please call us.


Q: Can I afford a FLEXi? A: Purchase the panels you can budget now; later add more panels. FLEXi purchasers have told us many times, “I would have had to pay much more to get the same dynamic effect with other displays, and with FLEXi I also got more flexibility.” Yes… you can afford a FLEXi! Q: Do you offer quantity discounts if I buy multiples of the same items? A: This depends on the item. Some items, such as our rugs and tablecloths, do offer a predefined discount when purchasing more than one of the same design. If you have a question about quantity discounts, please feel free to contact us for a free quote. Q: What credit cards are accepted? A: We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also take debit cards with any of these logos. Q: Do you take Paypal? A: We can also take Paypal payments. Contact us for details. 863-868-9300. Q: Do you take checks/money orders? A: Absolutely! We must receive the check in hand before production can begin. Check must clear our system before order can be shipped. Q: Do you accept purchase orders? A: For public schools, government agencies, and large corporations, we may accept purchase orders. This process is subject to credit approval and may delay your order. Call for details. Q: Do you share my e-mail address and/or phone number with others? A: Absolutely not. We realize the nuisance presented by spam and telemarketers, and as a result we have firm policies in place to protect your e-mail address and phone number from outsiders. Your information will never be sold or otherwise shared without your permission. Q: When is my credit card charged? A: Your card is charged upon ordering. We typically charge the full amount of the sale and shipping upon order. In the case of large orders or special circumstances, we may take a half payment upon order and a half payment before shipping. Q: Do you offer quantity discounts? A: Absolutely! This discount varies by product. Please ask for the quantity discount if ordering more than one product. Sometimes this quantity break is at 100 pieces, other times at 500, other times at 2500 and other times at 10,000. There are further discounts if you order more. Contact us for a quote on any item in any quantity. Q: How can I check the status of an order? A: You may e-mail us or call us at any time for status of your order. Once your order ships, a confirmation email will be sent with tracking information. Q: Will FlexiDisplay confirm my order? A: Yes, once your order has been confirmed and is ready to enter production (for custom orders), or ship (for stock orders), we will send a final confirmation. Q: Is there a sales tax? A: A sales tax of 6% applies to all Michigan businesses and individuals that do not hold tax exempt status. Local applicable sales tax may apply in other states. Q: Is my credit card information secure? A: Yes. Our website uses the latest 128-bit encryption technology, which is the strongest available protection currently available, and is considered safe against hackers. Q: What is the return policy? A: Our Quality Assurance department works hard to ensure that your products will arrive in beautiful condition. We will provide refunds or exchanges on defective items. All returns require authorization before being accepted. You may also return items even if they are not defective. Simply call us for a return authorization code, and we will provide a refund for your order, minus a small re-stocking fee. This does not apply for custom-made products. For custom orders, we will refund or exchange your order if the final product does not match the proof that was approved when the order was submitted. In such cases, we will re-make the order free of charge, or we will issue a return authorization for the items if they are found to be defective. Custom products not subject to returns unless there is a material or manufacturing defect. Q: Do you offer a "Rush" service? A: We produce orders when you need them. Rush service available in many instances. People are often surprised by how quickly our normal service is. If you have a rush need or a specific event date, please specify at the time or ordering. We’ll inform you of an expected delivery date then. Q: What about a guarantee? A: All products are 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy, we're not happy! While we have no standard warranty, we have 30+ years of experience in satisfying customers and will do whatever it takes to make it right. Q: Are products available in custom shapes and sizes? A: Call us with your special needs and I am sure we will be able to help. We’ve been producing products for years in a variety of materials with precision and craftsmanship. When a stock product won’t work, we’ll gladly design and build anything your imagination desires. We have build custom panels, custom walls and a whole collection of specialty displays in the past as the need arrives. Q: I do not see the type of product that I want. Can you help? A: Absolutely. While we carry thousands of pre-existing products, we will gladly design any custom product from a collection of quality materials to fit your budget. The products you see on the site are a small sample of our collection and we’ll be adding new items as we design them. Call us today for details. 800-875-1725.


Q: What are your standard flat signs made of? A: Signs are printed on a lamined substrate. For all opaque signs, a thick lamination is included to allow for bowing for flat mounting. Q: Can Flexi signage be backlit? A: Yes! We can use either panel-mounted lightboxes or surface mounted lights for our panels. Q: What is the double bubble and triple bubble effect? A: Double Bubble and Triple Bubble effects are created using layers of transparencies to create a 3D effect. This effect is very eye catching and tends to draw prospects in from all sides of the presentation floor. Q: What are transparencies? A: Transparencies are printed sheets of clear plastic that can be used in a variety of effects with Flexi Displays. These can be used in multiple layers (see: bubble effects) or can be used with opaque signs to create depth. Q: Who designs the signage for my Flexi Display? A: We have a team of skilled designers internally that can design signage for you. If you have the skills to design your own signage or have your own design team, we can also use your designs when producing your display. Q: Where is signage printed for my Flexi Display? A: Signage is printed in our internal production facility in Troy, Michigan. All lamination is handled locally as well. Q: Is my printed signage laminated? A: Yes! For the life of the sign, a durable laminate is added front and back to every sign. This helps prevent folding, scuffing or other damage to the sign. Q: How is my signage attached? A: Signage is attached by a Hook and Loop (Velcro® Style) attachment. This makes for easy signage changes. Q: Is signage available for all displays on your site? A: Signage is available for all FLEXi displays and many of our other displays. Attachments methods and printing styles may vary for the alternative displays, so please ask if you have any questions. Q: What is a header sign and how is it attached? A: A header sign is a sign that appears above at display or near the top, attached to the display. These can either be attached to the display itself or to a set of sign paddles which we include with our header signs. Q: Can you PMS Color Match my logo or other graphics with a Flexi Display? A: We sure can. We can CMYK, RGB or PMS color match most any color. For specific information and a color chart, see our Pantone Color Matching System Page:

Laminated Display

Q: What is a laminated display? A: Laminated Display fiber tubes are the perfect substrate for constructing drum tables, kiosks, exhibit components, P.O.P. displays, store fixtures and architectural elements. Fiber tubes are made from multiple plys of heavy weight fiberboard. Their laminated construction makes them strong and allows you to combine sections of tube with plywood, solid stock or particle board to create attractive components with radius corners. Q: What shapes can a laminated display be made into? A: Most any shape your imagination can behold. We can produce tables, kiosks, walls, booths, pop displays, components and fixtures of most any shape. Q: How much weight can a laminated display hold? A: This depends on the construction. The laminated product is designed to hold a surprising amount of weight. For instance, we build the columns strong enough to hold even large LCD monitors. Q: What finishes does my laminated display come in? A: There are hundreds of potential finishes. We offer wood veneers, painted surfaces, metallic-looking surfaces. Call us for help in picking the perfect finish. Q: Can a laminated display hold a monitor or other multimedia effects? A: Yes! We can construct tubes or structures to hold monitors of most any size. Even the largest plasma displays, lcd displays and dlp displays can be made to stand on a laminated display. Q: How is a laminated display transported? A: We can produce your display in either one large section or multiple sections. If done in multiple section, this method is easier to transport. Q: Can a laminated display be used as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture as well? A: Yes. Many of our laminated displays are featured in store fronts, retail and in permanent installations around the world. These make great office pieces as well.

Alternative Display

Q: Other than the Flexi modular display, what other displays do you sell? A: We offer folding panel displays, popup displays, banner stands, truss systems, demo counters, literature racks, poster frame stands, industrial light boxes and prize wheels. Q: Why would I want one of these displays? A: There are times when our Flexi Display can benefit from using another display along with it. Other times, a literature rack or banner stand makes a perfect accessory. Other times, the power and flexibility of a Flexi isn’t needed at all and a popup or folding panel display may work for you. We are here to accommodate all of these needs. Q: What’s the difference between a Popup Display and a Modular Display? A: A modular display, such as our Flexi Trade Show Booth, can be reconfigured into most any shape or configuration. A popup display is a single piece of accordion-style display that is popped up into place. Because of this rigid construction, there is no ability to reconfigure the display and no options for expandability. Q: What’s a Truss System? A: A truss system is a metal construction made of many pieces of steel or aluminum to make a large skeleton on which you can hang signage. While these can grow large and are very durable, they are also quite heavy and complicated. We carry the best truss systems in the world if you feel you’d like to use one of these displays. Q: What’s a Demo Counter or Demo Kiosk? A: These are great point of sale pieces for malls, outdoor events, tradeshows or other exhibits. Use these to greet customers, hand out samples, hold a rally point for your meetings and otherwise market to your customers. These are lightweight and many of these are indoor or outdoor applicable. Q: What’s a Banner Stand? A: A banner stand is a simple banner on a post design that allows a person to make an impact using a lightweight display. These banners are often printed on vinyl or cloth and we offer banner stands for both inside and outside applications. Q: What’s a Poster Frame Stand? A: This is a fixed position stand for use with poster signs in a number of common sizes. Most are metallic and many are indoor or outdoor use.

Light Box

Q: What’s a light box? A: A light boxes is a self contained box for lighting a graphic. The box can be made for indoor or outdoor use in applications ranging from tradeshows to industrial use to commercial use. Q: What sizes are lightboxes available in? A: We can make lightboxes in a number of square, rectangle, circular or oval sizes. Please contact us for pricing on your specific needs. Q: What colors and finishes are lightboxes available in? A: Lightboxes can be made with a number of anodized colors including black, silver and gold tones. Custom colors may be available. Q: What kinds of power connections are lightboxes available in? A: We can produce lightboxes with standard 110/120 power or a direct-wire design. Q: What kind of signage is used in lightboxes? A: We use a semi-transparent signage specifically designed for light to pass through. These are printed in a way that makes the sign look bold without being washed out.

Trade Show Lighting

Q: What lighting options are available on Flexi Displays? A: You can backlight with either lightboxes or surface mounted lights. You can top mount with our gooseneck lighting options. We also offer freestanding floor lights. Q: What lighting options are available for other displays? A: This varies by display. Some offer a clamp light for the tops. Others have post mounts. If you’d like lighting for a specific display, please ask about the options available. Q: Do you offer surface mounting light options? A: Yes! Any of our Flexi Displays can use surface mounted lights to backlight a bowed image. You may use many lights for a stronger effect. Q: Do you offer flood lighting options? A: Yes. We offer both freestanding and display mounted floods.

Prize Wheel

Q: Do you offer both clicker-style prize wheels and roulette style prize wheels? A: We do! Q: What size are prize wheels available in? A: We offer three standard sizes. A 31”, which is our most common size. We also offer the Super44, a 44” Mega Wheel. Q: How are prize wheels shipped? A: They are shipped in a cardboard box. We do offer cases for all of our prize wheels if you’d prefer a hard case for an additional fee. Inquire with us to price out the case to best suit your needs. Q: How is art created for prize wheels? A: Art is created from templates that we have as free downloads on our website in the prize wheel section. Q: Can I create and print my own price wheel art if I like? A: Yes! You can print on any inkjet or laserjet if you’d like to create the inserts for your prize wheel. Alternatively, you can have us print and laminate them for a more professional look. Q: How can I change out prize wheel art/prize slots? A: These snap in and out of place as there is a ridge in each slot to hold them together. Q: Are prize wheels table mounted or floor mounted? A: We offer models for both needs. Our 31” floor models can also be used as table models by removing the legs. Q: Can I get a custom size prize wheel for my needs? A: We can create custom wheels if necessary. Please call us for details. Q: Will a Prize wheel work with my Flexi Display? A: At this moment, we recommend placing prize wheels on a table or on one of our pedestal tops. We are working to develop a prize wheel to fit inside one of our displays panels.

Table Cloths

Q: What size are tablethrows made in? A: We make tablethrows in both the standard sizes of 4’, 6’ and 8’ and also in custom sizes to fit most any table. As we produce these from large pieces of fabric, they can be cut for any height and dimensions. Q: What materials are tablethrows made of? A: Tablethrows can be printed on fire resistant Twin or Canvas, as required by the Fire Marshall in most trade show environments. Q: What are the different styles of printing available on tablethrows? A: We can print in one color, two color or full color and can use the XpressScan, Silkscreen, Rasterprint or AppliPrint methods. Q: What is XpressScan? A: XpressScan - Substrate that is cut out and bonded. This works best with simple logos and text and is our least expensive printing option. This is limited in colors used but can still make very dynamic and powerful images. See the XpressScan color chart here: Q: What is Silkscreening? A: SilkScreen - Screen printing with ink. We make a custom screen for every printscreen run and can do very detailed logos or match PMS colors. We can silkscreen onto any color, including black. Q: What is Rasterprinting? A: Rasterprint - Full color dye sublimation. This is done on a white throw with full color graphics. Q: What is AppliPrint/Applique? A: Appliprint - This is a raster printing process that is done with a print on a swatch that is cut on a simple pattern (such as an oval, circle, square or rectangle) and adhered to a table throw. Q: Can table throws be fitted? A: Absolutely. We can make 3 sided or 4 sided full fitting throws for any table size. Please specify this table size and height when ordering. Q: What color of table throws are available for me? A: We have a number of them available. Keep in mind that Raster and AppliPrint *must* be printed on white. The other printing methods can be printed on any of these colors: Q: Do I get quantity discounts on tablethrows? A: Absolutely. Ask your customer service representative for a quote on multiple throws. Price breaks begin at 6 throws. Q: Can I have backdrops printed to match my throws? A: Yes! We do full size backdrops in the same printing methods as our tablethrows. Specify your needs and we’ll gladly quote a custom backdrop for you.

Printed Rugs and Mats

Q: What printing methods are available on rugs? A: We offer a variety of printing methods ranging from a simple sculpted look that is great for outdoor use to a photo-realistic DigiPrint or GrandImpressions style. For more info on these, please check out our rug section: Q: What is the minimum quantity on rugs? A: On some rugs, it’s 1 piece. On others, we have higher minimums. Please check the individual rugs for this information. Q: Is there a setup or art charge on rugs? A: There is no setup or art charge on rugs as long as you have camera ready art built to size. If you need us to design the rug for you, we’ll do so with the addition of a design fee. Q: Can Flexi Display design a rug for me? A: Yes! We do some creative work with rugs, really driving your message home. Our rug design prices are very reasonable and we’d be glad to give you a custom quote today. Q: What’s the production time on rugs? A: Typical production time is 7-10 production days, though we do tend to produce them faster than this most of the time. If you need your rug by a certain day, please let us know. Q: Can I get PMS color matching on Rugs? A: These mats are created using a dye and we cannot guarantee an exact match, however, in most instances PMS colors can be closely matched, with the exception of metallic colors. For orders that require a custom batch of dye there is a one-time charge of $230.00 per color. Q: What is the warranty on rugs? A: All of our Products are designed for industrial applications. We have an unlimited customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your products, we will replace the mat. The typical life expectancy for a logo mats is 3-5 years.

Trade Show Furniture

Q: Do you offer tradeshow furniture for sale? A: Yes! We offer several styles of tables and chairs. Some of these are ready for an imprint. Q: Do you rent tradeshow furniture? A: At this time, we do not rent furniture. Q: Are stools sold individually? A: At this time, we sell stools in pairs only. We do offer director’s chairs and other seating as singles. Q: What ways can I have director’s chairs printed? A: We can print these in any way that we can print a backdrop or a tablecloth. They can be done in RasterPrint, Silkscreen or XpressSCAN. Q: Do you provide setup of furniture or displays at trade shows? A: At this time, we do not. If you have a need for tradeshow labor, we may be able to put you in contact with someone in your area who does this sort of work. Contact us for suggestions.

Carrying Cases

Q: What kinds of cases and bags do you offer? A: We offer hard and soft cases in a variety of pre-made and custom sizes. We can make bags out of vinyl or canvas. We can also produce hard cases to AT standard, if necessary. Contact us for details. Q: Can I get a custom bag or case produced? A: Yes. We custom fit bags and cases to the size of your display whenever possible to ensure the best fit and most protection for your display. Q: What is an AT or ATA style case? A: AT or ATA is the designation associated with “flight cases”. These are cases that are hardened and have recessed handles and reinforced corners for maximum protection when shipping often. Q: Do your cases have wheels and handles? A: We make wheels an option on all of our hard cases. For wheels, add $100 to the cost of the hard case. Q: What is a graphics case and why would I need it? A: A Graphics Case is a tube-style case specifically designed to hold your graphics. These come in a variety of sizes and are made to house many rolled graphics in one large tube. These come with wheels, a handle and a strap. For a view of our standard graphics cases, go here:

Product Instructions

Q: Is there a product instruction sheet for my product? A: There may be. Please see the “Product Instructions” section of our website. If you don’t see the instructions you need here, please ask. Q: Do you provide assembly instructions for my Flexi Display? A: Yes. General instructions are here: Q: If I don’t see product instructions, how do I get help? A: You can call our customer service line at any time for help. Alternatively, you can email us at any time for help. Q: Can I have instructions faxed or emailed to me? A: If you’d like. Just call us with your email or fax number and we’ll send them right over.


Q: What is an affiliate? A: An affiliate is a rep, reseller or tradeshow industry person who wants to sell our tradeshow displays and other products through their websites, forums, mailing lists and other mediums. Q: How do I become an affiliate? A: You can start the process by signing up here: Q: What industry is an affiliate involved in? A: Many of our affiliates are ASI, SAGE or PPAI members, though you don’t need to be to be a Flexi affiliate. You need only be somehow involved in the tradeshow, marketing, advertising or promotions industries and have a desire to offer our displays to your clients, prospects and customers. Q: How are affiliate sales tracked? A: Every time a person hits our site using your affiliate ID, they are logged. If that person purchases anything, a credit is issued to your affiliate account. These are tallied up at the end of the month and a check is written based on this amount. Q: Can I view my affiliate status at any time? A: Yes. Please click on “My Account” for this information. You can also view your stats in the Affiliate Info Area: Q: If I no longer want to be an affiliate, how do I leave? A: If you wish to no longer be an affiliate for any reason, contact us at and we’ll assist you immediately. We hate to see you go, but understand if you need to. Q: Is there any cost to being an affiliate? A: No. There is never a cost to you as an affiliate. If you make a sale of our products from a link or reference you provide, you get a commission. There is no cost of any kind. Q: Are there any obligations to being an affiliate? A: No. Whether you never make a sale or make dozens per week, there is no obligation. Affiliate status is active as long as you want it to be. Q: How often are affiliates paid? A: Once per month. Q: What method is used to pay affiliates? A: A company check is issued to either you the affiliate or you company. We will contact you to confirm this before your first check is mailed.
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