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Our twenty foot display has the selling power of much larger and more expensive displays. A Flexi offers more pizzazz & eye appeal with extreme customization available.

We include unique special effects whose originality will cause more people to stop by your exhibit to learn more about what your company has to offer.

Unlike any other of its kind, you can set up one of our 20 foot displays in less than 40 minutes without any help or the need for tools.

As our booth is very lightweight and portable, it can be shipped at a much lower cost than other similar products.

Uniquely, our trade show display is so good looking, organizations buy it for presentations in their conference rooms and at other corporate events.

You can divide the panels in a twenty foot display into many smaller displays.

Contact us to learn more about how we can create a 20 foot display that will effectively attract the right attention to your firm, no matter where you use it.

The winners of corporate events are the ones that convey their messages in a way that stands amongst their competitors. With our wide selection of graphic design techniques and team of dedicated marketing professionals, we work with you to develop a 20 foot display that will steer your intended audience right to your exhibit. Do not waste your money on stock materials that will look the same as the other booths around you. Make sure you make a smart investment in marketing equipment that will grow with the changing face of your firm over time.

Our 20 foot displays are truly the most versatile available. The opportunities for customization are nearly endless. With a mechanism that allows the materials to rotate up to 360 degrees, you can combine the panels to create a booth of nearly any shape and size. Adding to your existing design and rearranging your pieces means you can potentially have a completely different twenty foot display at each of your marketing events. There are a variety of different graphics and signage options in which we can integrate your corporate materials to make sure you effectively grab the appropriate attention.

Commission us to build a 20 ft display that will interact with the visitors of your exhibit. Increase the value of your presentation and be sure to not show off your company in a monotonous light. Use multilayered backlit signs to attract the eyes of passersby and portray your corporate messages effectively.

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