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Our ten foot display has the selling power of much larger and more expensive booths. A Flexi offers more pizzazz & eye appeal with extreme customization available.

Including the unique special effects we offer will get your company more attention, stop traffic as they walk by and encourage more people to speak with you.

Depending on the features you select, you can set up one of our 10 foot displays by yourself in only 15 to 20 minutes without using any tools.

The technology used in our product makes it portable and lightweight, which allows it to ship much cheaper than other display.

Uniquely, our 10 foot inline display is so good looking and makes such a good presentation; organizations buy it for their conference rooms and other corporate events. It's fabric covering fits into most executive office environments and creates an exciting centerpiece for their welcoming and corporate oriented messages.

You can divide the panels in a ten foot display into many smaller displays.

We can take your 10 foot display to a level beyond that of our competitors. Give us a call and learn more about our business.

It is important that you are able to set your company apart from the others that are stationed at your marketing expos. Be sure you can do this over a long history of corporate exhibitions by taking advantage of our uniquely designed 10 foot displays. The technology that is employed allows you to rearrange the panels in nearly any conceivable configuration. This allows you to buy one 10 ft display that can be then be customized into a wide variety of shapes to conform to each of the environments in which it will be used.

Reshaping and resizing your exhibit will allow you to utilize many graphic options for conveying your intended message. This means you will be in the best shoes for communicating with your target audience, creating an opportunity for interaction that most any other ten foot display cannot. Whether you are offering prizes to knowledgeable visitors or including multidimensional graphics that rotate, you will not have any trouble drawing attention. The more you can adjust your 10 foot display to different events, the more you will be able to accommodate to different markets.

These exhibits do not only open up new avenues for presenting your company, but also ease the process of being an active member of your industry. There are many hassles involved in being a participant of trade shows, career fairs, and other events, alongside the many expenses that build up over time. Our 10 foot displays are easy to setup, breakdown, transport, and store, and their growth over time will help you limit your marketing costs year-in and year-out.

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